• Neil Dalal

Participation Trophy Podcast: Episode #18

In our world you’re not 2nd place, you’re first runner-up! Join Abdullah, Jamal, Joe, Neil, and Zain as we school you on sports, media, public shame, and everything else in between. You didn’t get ‘em this time. But at least you tried.

The guys open the show sharing their thoughts on the inauguration of President Biden and what the nation’s change in tone means to them. In Open Gym, we recap the NFL divisional playoffs, some noteworthy player retirements, and our picks for Championship Sunday. In Theater, we chat about the series finale of “Tiger” and give a hat tip to the excellent Disney+ series “WandaVision”. We wrap with dropping into Detention the worst people to quote MLK and anyone who went to see Bow Wow perform during a pandemic.

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0:35: Inauguration Day recap

14:15: Top 3 dumbest Trump moments

Open Gym

27:20: Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers hang it up

35:10: Conference championship weekend

50:40: Deshaun Watson and Abdullah's dreams

1:05:20: Wizards' COVID-19 nightmare


1:13:00: Tiger Woods docuseries

1:25:00: WandaVision


1:28:35: Bow Wow, conservatives quoting MLK

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