• Neil Dalal

Participation Trophy Podcast: Episode #16

Updated: Jan 8

In our world you’re not 2nd place, you’re first runner-up! Join Abdullah, Jamal, Joe, Neil, and Zain as we school you on sports, media, public shame, and everything else in between. You didn’t get ‘em this time. But at least you tried.

We got a newborn baby, God! Abdullah opens the show by welcoming his newborn daughter (live on the set) to the Participation Trophy family (0:45). We then give our responses to the recent XXL Mag poll of Hip Hop artist choices in various categories (17:55). In sports, we talk about the drama of Week 17 and give our picks for Wild Card Weekend (59:40). Finally, in our most bizarre Detention ever, we talk alligator conspiracies, amateur graphic design, and...more babies (1:40:40).

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0:45: Sabrina Sharif makes her PTP debut

11:05: Uneventful New Year's to end 2020


17:55: XXL Magazine Rap/Hip Hop poll roundtable

19:00: Favorite rappers of all time

36:45: Rappers that have grown on us

42:55: Most overrated/disliked rappers

46:10: Most underrated/GOAT rappers

Open Gym

59:40: WFT playoffs assisted by tanking Eagles, Brady on deck

1:11:25: Next season's wish list for WFT

1:21:40: Wild card round predictions

1:31:45: Wizards classically 0-5 then 2-0


1:40:40: Von Miller, Brazilian president, Cappadonna

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