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NBA trying to make the best out of fan-less situation

With the NBA restart taking place in Orlando, one of the biggest changes are the fan-less venues. It is absolutely pure necessity to protect players, fans, and so many more across the country as COVID-19 continues. Even before the playoffs begin in mid-August, the NBA has already successfully implemented a virtual presence for fans.

On Thursday when the Clippers defeated the Mavericks in a seeding game, All-Pro Reels and Hoop District were given access to experience the virtual forum first hand. Listening along to an advanced stream of TNT’s broadcast, fans are grouped into sections of approximately 40 people in 6 rows. Each Microsoft Teams group included extras to try and keep seats filled at all times and NBA personnel to work through technical difficulties.

Each fan can choose to have their video and/or audio on or off. Contrary to what one may think about a group of various fans across the country, there was friendly banter and conversation between some members of the group. Many took part in clapping or cheering after Luka Doncic drained a deep three or Kawhi Leonard scored a basket.

With anything hopefully their will be improvements prior to the postseason, but the NBA truly has done a stellar job creating the Orlando campus and allowing fans virtual access as best they can.

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