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Interview: Washington Football DB Coach Chris Harris

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ASHBURN, VA -- October 23, 2020

On CB Kendall Fuller:

“Kendall’s a very cerebral player. He’s extremely bright. He really understands the game schematically as far as how teams are trying to attack. He’s playing with really good technique. He’s a good football player and he’s finding ways to make plays on the football. It’s nothing that I’m surprised at. I thought he was a really good player when we got him. Him playing on the outside—he actually enjoys it. He could play anywhere, he’s really a jack of all trades. He could play any position in the secondary. He’s really thriving at playing on the outside.”

On learning from former Bears and Virginia Tech coach Torrian Gray:

“Torrian, I really enjoyed Torrian. He was our assistant DB coach my rookie year in Chicago. He was a very bright individual, a guy that played the game and really understood football. I know Kendall played for him at Virginia Tech, and some of the technique things they do there he was teaching when I was playing there. Having a guy like that is always helpful.”

On S Landon Collins’s performance so far:

“He’s been OK. The entire secondary, we’ve all got to kind of chip in. As a group, one thing I preach to those guys is just make sure we’re paying attention to the details as a group and as a whole. At times, we haven’t done that with some of the explosive plays that we’ve given up as a unit. That’s one of the things that’s being emphasized throughout the week and will be emphasized forever as long as I’m here, making sure we’re in tune with the detail of every little thing that we’re doing.”

On coaching discipline with attention to detail:

“Discipline, it’s a huge thing. I discipline understanding formations that we may have gone over. I think the biggest attention to detail thing that we’ve got to make sure we’re growing as far as our discipline is making sure our eyes are on every play. As far as my keys, what I should be looking at, who should I be looking at and those things.”

On the transition from S Troy Apke to S Deshazor Everett at free safety:

“The transition, we just kind of wanted to get a little bit more out of the position. Deshazor, he brought some great energy. He’s flying around back there. Everything he does, he does it extremely fast. He’s kind of a readyshoot-aim guy. Everything he does is extremely fast. He ran well in the middle of the field last week and even at practice with angles, approaching tackles on the ball. With Troy, Troy’s still a work in progress. He’s still developing as a free safety. We haven’t thrown him out at all. He’s still a work in progress, and we’re still developing him. I still think he has the tools to be an efficient free safety in the National Football League.”

On S Kamren Curl:

“I’m excited for Kam. Kam’s a rookie who came in and is a pretty sharp individual mentally. He has the mental capacity to learn multiple positions like he did. He was playing some nickel, playing safety. He was getting an opportunity, we were playing a bigger nickel package than earlier on in the season versus some of those teams that are trying to give you a lot of motions and trying to get your nickel in a spot to have to fit runs. To have a bigger body was a reason to get Kam in there. He did a wonderful job in that role. I’m excited about his development. He’s got the tools to be able to play in our big nickel package when he’s outside and also to play back deep or at strong safety. His versatility is one of the things that I really like about him.”

On CB Fabian Moreau’s snap count on defense:

“We missed Kendall for the first two weeks of the season, so not having Kendall out there, Fabian was coming in as the third corner. When Kendall came back—there are only three corner spots. He’s more of an outside guy, an outside corner and [CB] Jimmy [Moreland]’s been playing inside. So, it’s nothing that he did wrong. It was just kind of the way it worked out from a numbers standpoint. He’s a guy we feel that deserves opportunities to play. We want to create a little package where he can get on the field. Guys that do things the right way, correctly, we try to reward them the best we can. Like I said, there are only three corner spots back there in the secondary. It makes it kind of tough to get everybody playing time.”

On CB Ronald Darby getting back into form:

“I’m excited about Darby. He’s been playing some pretty good football. He did give up a couple plays. I think everybody in the secondary has. He’s back to playing with technique, and that’s the biggest thing is making sure we’re cleaning up technique and making sure the technique is on-point the way we’re teaching it. He’s doing a good job working at it. He’s actually been pretty steady back there. I think he is kind of getting back to form out there, after having the injury with the knee injuries the past couple years. I’m excited with the direction that he’s trending.”

On how Head Coach Ron Rivera has handled his treatment:

“Seeing him go through what he’s going through and still seeing him come out here to work every day, it’s actually inspiring. I understand that the whole chemotherapy thing, that’s rough on your body. It completely zaps you. To see him do that and then be out there at practice coaching, it’s actually refreshing to see. The guys actually enjoy seeing it. I tell them: ‘You don’t have anything to complain about. You really don’t.’ I let our guys know: ‘If you think you have it bad, you don’t. We’ve got a head coach who’s battling cancer and going through chemo every single week, and he’s dedicated enough to where he goes and does that, it zaps the living life out of him and he’s out here with you guys every single day as much as he can.’ It’s been an inspiration to me as well as to the team.”

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