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APR REWIND: Nationals vs Mets (Game 1)

Washington, D.C. — Juan Soto may not have been in the starting lineup in his first day off the COVID-19 injured list, but he wasn’t going to miss out on a team celebration.

When Washington Nationals newcomer Josh Harrison returned to the dugout after a home run, he broke out some dance moves characteristic of the Nationals circa May 2019 and his new teammates joined in. Soto, who was watching the game from the stands, climbed onto the roof of the first base dugout and pulled out his own moves — arms making small circles reminiscent of a surfer balancing on his board.

Full game story: Washington Times Sports

Enough words, here are the facts and the photos...

Nationals: 5 | Mets: 3

WP: Patrick Corbin

LP: Steven Matz

S: Daniel Hudson

HR: Howie Kendrick, Josh Harrison, Michael Conforto

photos shot for Washington Times Sports.

Full Game Album:


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